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Saugus Police Officers Praised for Quickly Apprehending Two Men Suspected of Breaking and Entering

Saugus Police Department
Chief Domenic J. DiMella
27 Hamilton Street
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

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Saugus Police Officers Praised for Quickly Apprehending Two Men Suspected of Breaking and Entering

SAUGUS —  Police Chief Domenic J. DiMella is today praising the work of his Saugus Police Officers for quickly responding to a reported breaking and entering and arresting two suspects.

A resident called police shortly before 10 a.m. Friday to report that an alarm was sounding at a vacant house on Walden Pond Avenue. The caller, who told police that she was the executor of the estate of the home’s late owner, said that she entered the home and could hear noises coming from the kitchen, even though nobody was supposed to be in the building,

Officers arrived minutes later and called out for anyone inside to come out. When no one responded, Sergeant Shawn M. Flynn and Officers William Cash, Matthew A. Zichella, Bryan Misci, and Robert R. Stanley entered the home to conduct a search.

Inside, the found PAUL R. RYAN, AGE 40, OF MELROSERYAN told police that no one else was inside, but officers conducted a thorough search and found DAVID M. VICKERS, AGE 38, OF SAUGUS.

The two men were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering During the Nighttime to Commit a Felony.

“I would like to recognize all of the officers and personnel involved with this case for their quick response and professionalism,” said Saugus Police Executive Officer, Lieutenant Ronald Giorgetti. “Not all cases are black and white, and in this situation the officers did their best in a difficult situation. This is an example of good police work.”

The home had belonged to VICKERS’S father, who recently passed away. The two suspects were not allowed to be in the home.

“We took many factors into consideration,” Officer Cash said. “The fact that neither Vickers nor Ryan had a key to the residence and the fact that both individuals hid on us when we arrived on scene led us to conclude that they knew full well that they did not belong on that property.”

The suspects will be arraigned Monday in Lynn District Court.