Saugus Police Department

Saugus Police Department Receives Three-Year Accreditation

(Saugus, MA) October 13, 2016 – Town Manager Scott C. Crabtree and Police Chief Domenic DiMella are pleased to announce the Saugus Police Department was recently recognized as an accredited police agency by the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission, Inc.  Chief DiMella accepted the award at a ceremony at the Boston College Collins Center on September 14, 2016.

After first achieving its certification, the Saugus Police Department went through an extensive process to revise and implement standards and update policy to gain its accreditation. The process requires a department to be in compliance with 246 mandatory and various optional standards involving jurisdiction of mutual aid, collection and preservation of evidence, communications, crime analysis, fiscal management, internal affairs, juvenile operations, public information, records, traffic, training, drug enforcement, victim and witness assistance, and more.

The accreditation certifies that the Saugus Police Department “has fully demonstrated its commitment to police excellence by living up to a body of progressive standards to ensure that the delivery of police services within the Commonwealth is at the highest level of professionalism and integrity and having reflected the best professional practices in each area of police management, administration, operations, and support services,” according to the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission, Inc.

“I am proud of Police Chief DiMella and the Saugus Police Department for their professionalism and commitment to best practices, which is reflected in their award of this state accreditation,” said Town Manager Scott Crabtree.

On May 24 and 25, a team from the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission spent two full days at the department, reviewing its procedures, written policies, and self-assessment. The Chief was notified of the accreditation in early September.

“This has been a long process that has taken a lot of hard work, but it has come to fruition over the past couple years,” said Police Chief DiMella. “I am proud of the department for achieving accreditation – it’s a great accomplishment for the police department and it’s good for the Town to know that their police department has been recognized and are using the highest standards in policing.”

“I want to thank the Town Manager for his support on this important initiative, and the Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee for giving us the support to be able to move forward in this direction. Lastly, I want to thank the police department, especially Lieutenant Tim O’Brien and Assistant Chief Ron Giorgetti for their hard work,” DiMella concluded.

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